Blockchain Business Masterclass

Blockchain Business Masterclass

Learn how traditional centralized IT infrastructure works and how decentralized aspects can be integrated into it



This course is for everyone who is interested in being part of a blockchain business. You will get a deep understanding of how traditional centralized IT infrastructure works and how decentralized aspects can be introduced and integrated into an existing IT solution.

You will learn all about project management, sales, economy, budget, testing, quality assurance (QA) and much more.

All this knowledge will make you capable to lead a team of developers and be in charge of a blockchain project, whether it is your own company or whether you are part of a larger organization.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify businesses getting disrupted by blockchain technology
  • Lead and manage a blockchain project from a business perspective
  • Understand Human Computer Interaction and how we can apply it to blockchain projects
  • Understanding the problems and drawbacks with centralized IT infrastructure
  • Understand how decentralized IT infrastructure can co-exist with centralized infrastructure
  • Know how to properly decentralize a business
  • Know when to not implement blockchain in your business
  • Understand how permissioned blockchains work and how they can be used
  • Build your own permissioned blockchain on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Budget and sell your blockchain ideas, both in house and to potential customers
  • Work with Testing and QA in blockchain projects
  • Understand how Stockholm Blockchain Group works with blockchain sales and management

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